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Tadpole Dreams is a lighthearted and interactive program designed to reinforce and teach civility and common courtesy to elementary and middle-school aged children.

The program combines a child friendly good manners handbook and a curriculum containing more than 50 games, crafts, and activities designed to complement each lesson.

The Good Manners Program is a terrific way to get youngsters to practice good manners and have a great time while they do it! The easy-to-read handbook enables the instructor with hundreds of ideas and ensures that there is never a dull moment.

Contact us to see how your children's group or child-care business can benefit and even make a profit with this proven curriculum.

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This terrific new resource offers each student their own 69 page, 8x11 workbook filled with dozens of activities, projects and puzzles to complete, along with informative lessons. It is engaging to the students and dozens of fun filled projects and activities are included – truly a teacher’s dream!

The Tadpole Dreams Activity Workbook places special emphasis on good behavior in the school community as well as table manners, proper school demeanor, thank you notes, host and guest skills and lessons on speaking to adults with respect. It also offers a one of a kind “Reflections and Problem Solving” chapter, where each student is given a creative outlet to reflect on the consequences of unmannerly behavior.

Workbooks are on sale! They were $19.95, but are now $14.95, a terrific back to school sale! We will include a free curriculum for each order of 100 workbooks.

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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Teachers,


The Tadpole Dreams program is an exciting, hands-on, interactive life skill and etiquette program designed by teachers to teach and /or reinforce the importance of good manners and civility in elementary and middle school aged children.

The curriculum is structured so that you can tailor it to meet your individual program objectives and consists of a text handbook and curriculum and activity guide for each of the ten lessons.

We are happy to have your child taking part in this exciting manner's program! To really get the most out of the time your child is spending with these engaging activities, we recommend that you spend some time discussing what you cover each day. This will reinforce the learning process. Your child will have a book to read that corresponds to each lesson. In addition, we can suggest activities that the students can do at home with the entire family.

We, at Tadpole Dreams LLC, thank you for your participation with our proven system of Good Manners Teaching.


Yours Truly,

Peggy Turnblacer and Denise Rosson